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a wise woman once said: "HAVR U EVER HAD A PIMPLE ON OR NEAR UR VIRGINIA BC IT IS TERRIFYING?????????????" she hasnt said this, but upon seeing my new sidebar, she probably thought "hOW THE FUCK DO YOU TAKE A SELFIE WHILE FALLING OFF YOUR CHAIR WHAT THE FUKC IM SCREAMING"

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My favorite thing about the Homestuck fandom is how amused we are about things calling us terrible.
A picture of someone blacklisting the word “Homestuck” for 4/13? Hilarious. Reblogged.
A rant talking about how Homestuck is the worst thing ever by someone who hasn’t read past the first 10 pages? Holy shit. Yeah. That’s so true. Reblog.

Its my favorite thing about this fandom.


how can you suck dick like that? there’s no vacuum. his face is always gonna have a draft. you can smell his breath on every side of his face. this nigga can’t be near water no more, he’d drown trying wash his face. he ain’t never gonna replenish his thirst. smh i wish him the best.

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Isn't Haruhi the cutest?  (✿◠‿◠)

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I ) (ave so many of -Eridan’s scarves at t) (is point t) (at t) (ere’s a pile made of t) (em in my room.

(Be s) (ore to c) (eck out -Eridan's blog too 3BD!)




Reposting my randomly generated lands due to a bunch of image failures on the previous post.  Remembering how fun these were makes me want to do some more!



if u dont appreciate the hard work that goes into a full anime, then ur lack of appreciating art is VERYYY low

I was doing the sound effects in my head while watching this


I’m doing a little giveaway and its all about the ladies!

I’ll be giving away

  • a t-shirt in your choice of Crush the Patriarchy, Cats Against Cat Calls or Riots Not Diets print (all of which go up to at least a size 2xl)
  • your choice of five buttons from Modern Girl Blitz
  • your choice of jewellery from AddieLeDawn
  • friendship bracelet made in the colours of your choice made by yours truly
  • "kandi bracelets" or whatever the fuck you want to call them with whatever colour scheme and words you want
  • and best of all CANDYYY. who doesnt love candy, cmon.

And now the fun part, the RULES.

  • you don’t have to follow me but if you are, then you’ll get something extra
  • only reblogs count and you may reblog as many times as you want but please be mindful of your followers
  • obviously giveaway blogs dont count (do ppl even need to say this anymore??)

The winner will be randomly selected on April 30th and I’m willing to ship worldwide. I think that’s it. Have fun and crush the patriarchy!!

Who isn’t crazy sometimes? Who hasn’t driven around a block hoping a certain person will come out; who hasn’t haunted a certain coffee shop, or stared obsessively at an old picture; who hasn’t toiled over every word in a letter, taken four hours to write a two-sentence email, watched the phone praying it will ring; who doesn’t lay awake at night sick with the image of her sleeping with someone else?
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